5 Powerful Facebook Ad Targeting Strategies of 2019

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Targeting Facebook ads is the very important part of any ad strategy as it puts you in front of your audience. That is why Facebook provides so many features, ad formats, and different parameters to its users to enhance their marketing experience. But despite of making an attractive ad, many people fail to get the desired ROI because of not creating effective strategies. Below are some of the amazing ad targeting approach that will definitely work for your business.

Target the audience who are familiar with your brand

One of the best ways to generate better ROI is to target the audience who have already heard about you or interacted with you because most of the people buy products from the companies they trust and therefore if people know about your brand then they are more likely to make a purchase. So, it can be very beneficial for you if you target them. However, this doesn’t mean that you should shop targeting the other audience. Just make sure to prioritize this on top.

In order to do this, you need to create a custom audience and enter the list of email id’s you are having. After that Facebook will show your ads to those people.You can also use a Facebook ad spy free tool for getting an idea what strategies your competitors are using to target their audience so that you can do much better.

Re-target the audience who visits your Facebook page

Facebook ad spy free
Facebook ad spy free

Not all people who visits your site convert into your customer. But you can still do it by re-targeting them. That means, include the list of email ids of those people in your targeting list who have recently visited your website. So that when your ads continuously expose in front of them then they will give a thought about buying your products. You can also track your visitors by Installing Facebook pixel on your website.

Target the audience who already liked your Facebook page

There are so many kinds of audience you will come across on Facebook. So, try to make use of every opportunity and every single person who has shown interest in your business. When you target the audience who liked your Facebook page then you can definitely assume that your conversion rates are going to raise because those people have openly shown that they like what you are offering.

Hence, these are some of the potential strategies that you can use for targeting your Facebook ads.