3 Top Reasons To Use Instagram Direct Messaging

The Instagram direct messaging feature was launched in the December month of the year 2012. It was a memorable event when Instagram founder, Kevin Systrom,  launched an Instagram direct messaging feature in a press conference event held at New York. It was exciting news which people got to hear about their favorite photo-sharing platform. Because it was time Instagram explored to one-to-one messaging feature other than just being a photo sharing social media platform.

There are tons of benefits one can enjoy by making use of an Instagram cool direct messaging feature. You can send photos, hashtag pages, profiles, and many more from your feed via Instagram direct messaging feature to your potential followers. You can also create a group of maximum 15 people over the Instagram DM tool. There are lots of more you can get by using an Instagram direct message. To know more about it give a look at below-mentioned points.

Effective photo sharing

This is one of the best benefits ones can get by making use of Instagram direct messaging. As we all know, Instagram is basically all about photo-sharing. Earlier it was nice and all sorted when it comes to photo-sharing but now due to the presence of Instagram direct messaging, it becomes even more effective. While having conversations through DM, people used to tag different photos in the comments along with their username. Many people use this tactic to get people’s attention easily to their photographs.

Instagram DM Tool

Send locations, profiles, and hashtag pages with ease

It is a fact that the sharing of profiles and hashtag pages have become more convenient with the existence of Instagram direct messaging. Earlier, people have to send the screenshots and links of the Instagram accounts which they think their friends love to follow. But now you can do all these things just by clicking at the curved arrow icon of the Instagram direct message.


If suppose, you are looking for a post under some particular hashtag then you can easily send that page by clicking at the curved arrow in the top right corner of the screen. In case of a profile, you have to simply tap at the three-dot symbol in the top right corner of that profile page and then can easily share the profile with your followers.

Can make a group of up to 15 people

This feature of Instagram helps you to target your potential followers simultaneously. You can share your Instagram posts, photos, and anything with maximum of up to 15 individuals at once. This helps you to build a strong bond with your followers and also reveals your more genuine side in front of your followers.


These are the top three reasons why you should make use of the Instagram direct messaging feature. It is an awesome opportunity to make a solid and unshakeable relation with your followers.

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Things to keep in mind while creating Facebook Ads!

Facebook has been an awesome platform for everyone who is looking for getting entertainment, sharing posts, or to promote their business online. Facebook has provided them with everything that a person is looking for from a social media website. You can post updates, share images, advertise your products in front of your target customers and a way more things are there that FB provides you with.

What else does anyone want? Especially, when you are here for promoting your brand/products. Facebook advertisements can do a lot for you to let your products gain popularity on way of your brand awareness program that you run in name of advertisements.

But, is it that simple to gain popularity with a simple ad? Well, this article has something for you to get enough information on everything that you need to be sure about creating an impactful advertisement on Facebook.

Things to be included for creating a powerful ad on FB –

Addressing CTA:

CTA is the term used for describing Call-to-action. And even an impactful looking ad is a waste without a solid CTA. As the main reason behind it is that the viewer is unaware of the fact that what he needs to do next. And your advertisement should have the capability to provide the reason for your viewers to make a click.
Offers and discounts have proven themselves to be one such interesting factor that attracts viewers to click on your ads. And, one should be very clear while adding these offers. As making a fake or fiction advertisement can lead to a huge loss in the way of brand awareness that you are trying to make with these ads.

  • Title and Contents:

    Since your advertisement will be a way you will be communicating with the viewers. It is necessary to be very sure with everything that you are going to experiment with the words. Here are some points you need to remember while creating powerful content for your ad.

  1. The very first thing that one will see is the title of your advertising. And if it does not have the capability to fantasize the viewer. It will ultimately result to be a waste.
  2. Be sure that your title has everything that makes it look effective. You can add about the offers and services that your product/service is providing.
  3. Content is the next step that you will be adding to your ad. And it should be created in a way that the viewers should get forced to click on your ad.
  4. The overall length of your advertisement should not cross the limit of 90 characters. And everything should be done within this given length, right from adding the title to content.
  • Images:

    Another factor that has the capability to convert your viewers into desired customers is the images. Everything should be done in a way that the overall image should be attractive in the eyes of your target audience. Thus, it is important to choose good quality images with the perfectly defined size to increase the chances of getting more views.

End Words –

Above mentioned are some of the tips that we believe would help you to build and powerful and fascinating Facebook ads and help you gain popularity among your target audience. I would like to close this article over here with a thought that you would have enjoyed reading it and gain some knowledge as well.

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What Are The Ways To Get On The First Page Of Google?

According to me, it would be a dream of all bloggers, businessmen, and online content writers to get their website on the first page of Google which is not at all easy. However, if you know the tactics to make your content so powerful that more number of people end-up visiting your website. Google uses tons of tools and algorithm to keep eye on the daily ranking of the search results. In this article, we are going to explore some tactics to get our websites on the first page of Google. Here they are-

Create original content

It is the most important thing that you have to do for getting your website on the first page of the Google. As nowadays few of the contents present online are the exact copy of the other sources that not at all desirable. Always keep one thing in mind that copied content never get appreciated. Unless you have the art of writing it in the completely new light. However, it will be always better for you to create your own new content that reflects your way of thinking and point-of-view. Because people like to read and explore another perspective on different topics and issues.

Make use of keywords

Stuffing of right keywords can also make your page to get on the first page of the Google. You can also make use of Google analytics to find the best keywords for your business. After that you have to must make use of them in your content. So that Google will acknowledge that and can notice you. But you have to make sure that use them as less as possible.

Choose a good domain name

Domain name plays an important role in making your website rank better in the Google search results. Here are some things that you can do for making your domain name better like-

Google -rank -tracker
Google rank tracker
  • Stuff main keyword as the first word in the domain name it works well for boost-up the rankings.
  • You can also make use of TLD i.e. top-level domain like .com primarily if you have the local business. So that you will be rewarded for searches in the local area. But this can also affect your searches outside the local area.
  • Do not make use of numbers for words for example 90s.
  • Ignore using subdomain

Good Google ranking of the search results is very important for getting success online. By implementing above three ways you can see a vast difference in your website ranking by making use of Google rank tracker.

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The Harmful Effects Of Adderall Drug Abuse

It is a brand name of a drug which is the combination of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine, which is also used as a prescription medicine against ADHD and Narcolepsy problems. While some athletes also use these drugs to enhance their performance in particular sports. It may help a person to enhance their focus and attention in a particular stream while some people also use it for losing weight. But you should know the fact that overusage of this drug can cause long-term internal organ damage. If you would like to know that how long does Adderall stay in your system, then you should know that it can give you effect only for 2 to 3 hours only. While it can also cause addiction habit as well which can cause severe harmful effect later. Here are shown some harmful effects of Adderall drug abuse.

how long does Adderall stay in your system

Effect on Brain

This drug can help the patient to gain a sudden increase in the focus and being accurate in the work. While this medication can also cause addiction habit. Overdosing of this drug may cause psychosis, hallucination, insomnia and other problems as well. While it can also damage bloodstream of the nervous system as well which can cause the life-threatening problem also.

Effect on the heart and cardiovascular system

After taking a dose of Adderall for a prolonged period, it can cause a severe attack on the cardiovascular system and heart also. It may cause problems like high Blood pressure, cardiac arrest and tachycardia like problems as well.

Effect on Liver

Intake of Adderall medication for a long time can also damage the liver and cause hepatitis problems as well. It will cause the yellowing of the skin and eye, fatigue, anemia and other harmful symptoms as well. While such problems can also risk the life of the patient, if proper medical attention is not given.

Effect on kidneys

It may also damage the urinary system as well. The majority of the body waste in our body accumulated in the kidneys only. Kidney also releases important hormones erythropoietin which increases the production of RBC from bones and enhances the immune system of the body. But because of the overdose of Adderall, kidney of the patient could not be able to work properly which damages the immunity of the patient.

These are some of the harmful effects of the Adderall drug abuse. Such drugs should be taken with proper prescription of medical attention and try your best to avoid having the habit of such medication.

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