3 Unbeatable Advantages Of More Instagram Followers For Individual Accounts

Instagram become one of the most powerful social media platforms of today’s time. Everybody wants better engagement over it in order to create buzz for their business, services, and various multiple reasons. We always talk about the perks businesses get from Instagram and all. But, have you ever wonder how Instagram can serve individually to people?

Instagram gets used by 1 billion and counting number of folks from all over the world. Yes, it is right that business accounts are flooded these days over Insta but it doesn’t mean that personal accounts take a side stand. In this post, we are going to discuss the numerous advantages that personal accounts could get from increased Instagram followers. So let’s glance at the below-mentioned points!!

Smooth communication flow:

Earlier, when social media platforms came into existence, at that time people preferred them the most for communication purposes only. With time and advancements, social media landscapes have turned into a place of businesses, marketing, promotions, advertising, and many more to come.

However, the basic flavor of social media platforms is communication that continues to be the same. Yes, it’s true that you are not on Instagram to promote your services and brands but you can use it to come in touch with people who shares the same interest as of you.

Convert your hobbies into a passion:

It’s one of the biggest myths I have heard of that business only needs exposure and promotions which is not true. According to me, even hobbies can be translated into a passion if get proper attention and manifestation. For example, if you are a singer and if upload your singing videos over Instagram then definitely would get attention and appreciation of people to make it much more than just your leisure time pass activity.

Build a captivating Instagram profile:

As we are all aware that Instagram consists of millions of monthly active users but how many of them holds good Instagram following. Very few!! There are a lot of people out there on Insta that only add and follow their family members and friends and pass over the chance of creating a popular Instagram profile.

If you would have a good number of Instagram followers then a number of folks get attracted towards your profile and end-up becoming your Instagram followers. It’s true that getting followers on Instagram is not a no brainer but by making use of Instagram followers app like GramboardAi, you can make this whole process a bit easy and stress-free.

These are the top three benefits that Insta individual accounts could get from having a considerable Instagram following.

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Why Facebook Canvas Ads Are The Best Thing Ever Happened On Mobile?

Back in the days, advertisers have to spend hours in front of their computer system for creating ads of extraordinary quality and pitch. However, never get succeed in their aim completely to attract and convince people about their brands like shiz. That’s why when Facebook canvas ads came into light whole game begin to change. Many expert marketers believed that Canvas ads have the potential to be an ultimate game-changer in the advertising world without making no bones about it. That’s why in this article we will share with you some reasons why this Facebook ad format is somewhat superior and unusual in its own excellent way. So let’s move on!!


Its fast pace is incredible:

If you have ever gone through any canvas ad then must agree with me on this, they are incredibly fast in their pace. You have to just click on the link and then instantly you redirected towards an amazing full-screen brand exposure experience that’s completely worthy to watch. Isn’t it? Their loading time is extremely less and best for impatient cell phone users to glance at their favorite brand images.

It’s extremely fast to get out:

As we all use social media platforms and daily come across thousands of ads in which we unintentionally get in and feel annoyed when it takes minutes to revert. Well, this is not the case with canvas ads. Canvas ads consist of a small arrow icon in the side which speedily make you come out of the ads which you don’t want to see.

Offers mini-site experience to the audience:


Canvas ads are best when it comes to offering a brilliant microsite experience on people at the screen of their mobile phone. They consist of high-quality videos, images, Gifs, content that’s most important, and so on.

Easy-breezy to create:

It is one of the most common things that all advertisers agreed upon, canvas ads are extremely easy to create, design, and live. For that, you have to just land up on Canvas builder page and create your ad in just minutes. It’s way better rather than spending bucks on hiring expert advertisers to design an ad for your brand that will take months.

These are some of the main reasons why Canvas ads are best to market your products like awesome on Facebook. Besides all this, they are very economically viable to use for the start-up companies that cannot spend bucks on just advertising.

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Things to keep in mind while creating Facebook Ads!

Facebook has been an awesome platform for everyone who is looking for getting entertainment, sharing posts, or to promote their business online. Facebook has provided them with everything that a person is looking for from a social media website. You can post updates, share images, advertise your products in front of your target customers and a way more things are there that FB provides you with.

What else does anyone want? Especially, when you are here for promoting your brand/products. Facebook advertisements can do a lot for you to let your products gain popularity on way of your brand awareness program that you run in name of advertisements.

But, is it that simple to gain popularity with a simple ad? Well, this article has something for you to get enough information on everything that you need to be sure about creating an impactful advertisement on Facebook.

Things to be included for creating a powerful ad on FB –

Addressing CTA:

CTA is the term used for describing Call-to-action. And even an impactful looking ad is a waste without a solid CTA. As the main reason behind it is that the viewer is unaware of the fact that what he needs to do next. And your advertisement should have the capability to provide the reason for your viewers to make a click.
Offers and discounts have proven themselves to be one such interesting factor that attracts viewers to click on your ads. And, one should be very clear while adding these offers. As making a fake or fiction advertisement can lead to a huge loss in the way of brand awareness that you are trying to make with these ads.

  • Title and Contents:

    Since your advertisement will be a way you will be communicating with the viewers. It is necessary to be very sure with everything that you are going to experiment with the words. Here are some points you need to remember while creating powerful content for your ad.

  1. The very first thing that one will see is the title of your advertising. And if it does not have the capability to fantasize the viewer. It will ultimately result to be a waste.
  2. Be sure that your title has everything that makes it look effective. You can add about the offers and services that your product/service is providing.
  3. Content is the next step that you will be adding to your ad. And it should be created in a way that the viewers should get forced to click on your ad.
  4. The overall length of your advertisement should not cross the limit of 90 characters. And everything should be done within this given length, right from adding the title to content.
  • Images:

    Another factor that has the capability to convert your viewers into desired customers is the images. Everything should be done in a way that the overall image should be attractive in the eyes of your target audience. Thus, it is important to choose good quality images with the perfectly defined size to increase the chances of getting more views.

End Words –

Above mentioned are some of the tips that we believe would help you to build and powerful and fascinating Facebook ads and help you gain popularity among your target audience. I would like to close this article over here with a thought that you would have enjoyed reading it and gain some knowledge as well.

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