Want- To -Become- Winner- of- Facebook -Advertising -Game? -Here’s -How!

Want To Become Winner of Facebook Advertising Game? Here’s How!

With time Facebook has been becoming even more competitive. Businesses tend to face various challenges that go on updating every minute, every day and ultimately they are going through the extreme level of cutthroat competition among brand making an effort to be on the top.

Because of the ever-changing Facebook algorithm, you can work according to the strategies that applied a couple of years ago. In the current scenario, users share around 55000 links, 150000 pictures every minute and as a result, it fills up the Facebook feed with bulks of content. To deal with the situation, businesses prefer using Facebook scraping tool. Still, collecting views for your content is not a cup of tea. Billions of competent advertisers present out there, who are ready to ditch your ads and bury it in the user’s feed.

Tips To Win At Facebook Advertising Game

Switch to video ads

Earlier, videos were not given much preference while designing ads. They used to add as complementary to the text and images. Now, the situation has changed completely where video ads considered to be truly an emperor. Based on the recent study, approximately 80% of the traffic generated over Facebook due to video ads only. Furthermore, we can’t deny the fact that videos have the capability to explain anything with better significance.

Your ad format must match your objective

Before you begin with designing ads, Facebook Ad Manager let you choose a specific objective (such as reach your target audience, driving traffic to the website, generate more leads, brand awareness and so on) that decides ad format. The first and foremost thing you need to evaluate is whether your ad designing metrics formulate the objective of an Ad campaign or still need to be modified. As a fact, the majority of Facebook marketing studies examines that there are some metrics you can neglect and they are:-

  • CTR (click through rate)
  • CPR (cost per result)
  • CPC (cost per click)

In the case of using video, ignore cost per video as well.

Remember, the video is of high importance on Facebook advertising!

Time to time Facebook brings so many updates and every time we experience a new format, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the emphasis of videos over Facebook. Videos are also considered to the most effective ways of getting people engaged with your ads on Facebook, therefore, advertisers must create videos carefully because even a single mirror image can spoil their whole effort and make the video useless.

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What- Are- The -Different- Benefits -Of -Facebook -Carousel -Ads?

What Are The Different Benefits Of Facebook Carousel Ads?

Facebook has become one of the important marketing tools of these days. Every business nowadays is after Facebook to display their brands and products in the best possible light. So, the 2.3 billion and counting monthly active users of Facebook like and cognize about their organization more and more. Facebook ads are playing the upper hand in marketing start-up businesses these days. They provide all the essential clues to the audience about every aspect of the product.

But do you know that Facebook Carousel Ads are said to be 10 times better than the regular and simple ads? Many of you might get confused with the terminology “Carousel Ads”. These ads are different from daily ads because in them you can stuff various images and videos within one link. These ads get basically used by marketers to promote various products concurrently. According to a study, Carousel ads generate 10 times greater traffic to the websites of advertisers in contrast to the normal ads.

In this article, we are going to know in depth about the awesome benefits that Facebook Carousel Ads could serve your business. So, let’s take a look!!

Promote multiple products at the same time:

This is one of the biggest features of carousel ads that made them far superior to normal ads. As we know in normal ads we cannot stuff more images at once. Hence, cannot promote a number of products at the same time. On the other hand, in the case of carousel ads, we can put images of various products simultaneously and market multiple brands and products. This not only saves our business time but also give a great range of options to the audience. So, they could choose any product as per their personal choice and interest.

You can stuff videos as well in the ads:

Due to the incredible traits of carousel ads, you can also use high-quality videos in your ads. This feature opens various opportunities for your business to please the audience in the direction to shop your products. Make sure the videos you stuff in the carousel ads should get align with the attributes of the brands plus marketing strategies of your Facebook advertising campaign.

Can add link, headline, and call to action for every single image:

With this feature of carousel ads, you can really make people take immediate actions at the time when they visit your advertising page. You can add the link to each and every single page of the ad set along with the headlines. So, people get to know specifically about your business brand and products.

These are some of the different advantages Facebook Carousel ads can bring to you in more than less time.

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